Corporate Headshot Photography

I bring professional head shot photography to your place of work. Rather than having to organise  your employees to get to a studio, why not make it easy and have my photography services come to you? I bring all the necessary lighting and backdrops to get the look you require and only need a small space. From pure white “clean headshots to backgrounds with black or even colour. I ensure your employees reflect your business in the best possible light.

Interior & Exterior Photography

Estate agents, hotels and all business that requires their location photographed, I have the experience to bring your company to life. From beautifully lighted rooms to wide angle shots of your building and even high up with a drone, I bring all the necessary equipment to you location and will always work with whoever is leading the project to ensure you get exactly the type of images that fit your brief. From images in print or files for you to do with whatever your wish.

Event Photography

From product launches, openings, corporate parties and so on, the need for a photographer to capture these moments has never been greater with the ease of sharing photos online. I am a friendly photographer who will work with those attending to get the best images possible. From photos at a distance, capturing people at their most natural, or more staged “formal” photos, I can adapt to any style that you require. I capture the best moments at your event.




My name is Adam Cochrane and I have been taking professional photos for over 10 years for my clients. I don’t think there are many days in the week where I don’t have a camera in my hand, even at weekends (which can at times drive my family crazy). You never stop learning as a photographer (or shouldn’t anyway) and this is why I love taking photos of not just people and businesses but also landscapes in my leisure time too. Quiet simply I love my job and I would like to think this comes across in my friendly approach to my customers. Please get in touch, even if just to meet for an informal coffee to see how my photography can help your business.